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"Lost - yesterday, somewhere between sunrise and sunset, two golden hours, each set with sixty diamond minutes. No reward is offered, for they are gone forever."


We all have those memories we'd give anything to re-do, re-live, rewind.  Good or bad we collect, we carry, WE curate theM.  our future remains the one constant to put our pasts behind us. 

TOMORROW ECHOES  is a DRAMA/Sci-fi short film written by MATT DISCENZO, produced by
PAT WOLANSKY, & DIRECTED by mike discenzo.  Soundtrack by nomads.

tomorrow echoes  is a sprocketbot creative production.





Dan Grgic · KateLynn Newberry · Larry Cahill · Demond Ballou

Shelby Brunn · Rose DoCampo · Alex P. Michaels · Misha Tot




Our kickstarter is now LIve!  Check it out at the Following link! TOMORROW ECHOES KICKSTARTER

A very special thank you to all the amazingly talented artists that auditioned with us this past weekend. You have successfully made our decision-making process that much more difficult. We are extending the video audition time to next weekend as there are still a few principle roles we are looking to fill!

Day 1 of filming was fantastic. Cast and crew getting to know each other, working on some amazing character development, and seeing all the pieces/parts come together! A single location that has to be seen to be believed, and it was absolutely perfect.

this past year has seen some spectacular developments. Some truly amazing talent on and off-screen, the wrapping of primary filming, the beginning of pick-up scene development, multiple assembly edits, and countless production & post-production meetings. The most significant development has been the realization that this story absolutely requires a feature-length product. Far to compelling a story to shoe-horn into a short. Additionally, the development of a teaser trailer has been completed. We are eagerly looking forward to the capture of a few pick-up scenes necessary to round out the story, and are shooting for a early summer 2017 release to the film festival circuit.


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